American rocket plane returns to Earth after 2.5 years in orbit

American rocket plane X37-B returned to Earth after 2.5 years in orbit. This was announced on Saturday, November 12, by representatives of the Boeing Corporation, which designed the device. The rocket plane landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It is noted that this is the sixth mission of the X37-B. This time the … Read more

US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan returns to Sea of ​​Japan after North Korean missile launch

The American nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan will return to the Sea of ​​Japan amid North Korean missile launches. On Wednesday, October 5, the Yonhap agency reports, citing the South Korean military. A US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be redeployed to waters east of South Korea as a sign of Allied readiness to counter North … Read more

The plane of the Moscow-Alma-Ata flight urgently returns to Sheremetyevo due to a malfunction

Sheremetyevo International Airport is preparing to receive a Moscow-Alma-Ata flight, which urgently flies back to the capital. The reason for the return was a technical malfunction, according to REN TV, citing a source. .

German consul accused in Brazil of murdering husband returns to Germany

German consul in Rio de Janeiro Uwe Herbert Hahn, accused in Brazil of killing her husband, returned to Germany. This was written on August 29 by the Brazilian news portal G1. “The German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn, released three days ago without any restrictive measures, accused by the prosecutor’s office of Rio de Janeiro of … Read more

OPEC+ may cut oil production if Iran returns to the world market The OPEC+ oil cartel is considering cutting production if Iran resumes its programs for the production and export of black gold after the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) and the lifting of sanctions, Reuters reports. OPEC+ has signaled that it is ready to reduce fishing levels if Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal … Read more