Moldova will not be able to audit its debt to Gazprom until October 1

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The Moldovan authorities will not be able to complete the audit of the debt to the Russian company “Gazprom” until October 1, said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu. According to him, during a telephone conversation, the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, confirmed the volume of gas supplies to Moldova for September and extended the audit … Read more

Novak proposed to allocate more funds to the poor for gasification work at the site

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Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggested that the regions allocate more funds to low-income citizens for gasification work inside the house. Often, low-income citizens do not have the financial ability to equip their land and purchase gas-using equipment at the same time as the construction of … Read more

Miller said Nord Stream is operating at 20% capacity due to anti-Russian sanctions

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Nord Stream is operating at 20% of its design capacity due to anti-Russian sanctions: Western opponents issued so many sanctions documents that they created confusion and fell into the sanctions trap, said Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller. “The Portovaya compressor station is currently 20% loaded, and the reason for this is anti-Russian sanctions. Our opponents have … Read more

The level of occupancy of gas storage facilities in Germany exceeded 76%

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BERLIN, 15 Aug – The filling rate of German gas storage facilities has exceeded 76%, and the goal of filling up to three-quarters by September 1 has been achieved, informs Federal Network Agency. Germany has previously adopted legislative amendments that oblige gas storage operators to fill them by 95% by November. According to the new … Read more

Ukraine confirmed receipt of payment for the transit of Russian oil to Hungary and Slovakia

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Ukraine has confirmed that it has received payment for the transit of oil from Russia through its territory to Hungary and Slovakia, Igor Demin, adviser to the president of Transneft, told RIA Novosti.“The Ukrainian side has confirmed that it has received payment for oil transit and is ready to start working,” Demin said. The Hungarian … Read more

Media: Ukraine was allowed to freeze payments of debts on external debt until 2024

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Investors allowed Kyiv to postpone payments on the external debt until 2024, Bloomberg reports citing the Ukrainian Finance Ministry. “The restructuring process is being supported by Ukraine’s key allies, including the US and the International Monetary Fund, as the country needs cash. The move, along with other measures proposed to creditors, will save the state … Read more

One of the founders of Pink Floyd considers the President of the United States a “war criminal” who “lit a fire” in Ukraine
Roger Waters

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Roger Waters, co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd, believes that US President Joe Biden “lit a fire” in Ukraine, he called him a “war criminal”. “Why doesn’t the US encourage [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky to negotiate to eliminate the need for this terrible war?” Waters asked in an interview with CNN. When the … Read more

Depository of the National Bank of Ukraine announced the resumption of operations with securities

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The depository of the National Bank of Ukraine resumes operations with government securities, the regulator said on Sunday. “The depositary of the National Bank of Ukraine resumes operations with government securities. Earlier, a similar decision was made by the specialized regulator of capital markets – the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market,” the message … Read more

Arab oilmen are ready to destroy the USA

Current events in Ukraine are only part of a huge geopolitical mosaic that reflects ongoing (often completely unnoticed by the average observer) tectonic processes. Often the events taking place in quiet high offices are much more significant than the roar of rockets and the roar of artillery. Last Friday, March 18, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad … Read more