Europe predicted an unprecedented gas shortage

Another risk factor, researchers call a sharp cold snap at the end of winter, since low gas pressure in UGS facilities will not allow promptly increasing fuel supplies to consumers. According to analysts, EU countries have already filled the storage by 88%. According to IEA estimates, in the face of reduced supplies from Russia, it … Read more

The analyst assessed possible changes in the exchange rate due to the new rules of the Central Bank

The main consequence of the establishment of a quasi-market exchange rate by the Central Bank of Russia will be an inaccurate reflection of supply and demand. Also, many experts fear that the new rate may even be lower than the current one. Pavel Samiev, General Director of the BusinessDrom analytical agency, announced this on Monday, … Read more

The EU has increased the purchase of coal from South Africa despite its own statements about the dangers of non-environmentally friendly fuel

According to experts, EU leaders see the Black Continent as the only way out of the current energy crisis. Jens Hauserrepresenting the interests of the German-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the West will not be able to return to cheap Russian gas, even if the conflict in Ukraine ends tomorrow.

Russia has demonstrated to the West the ability to protect its own citizens

“That intelligent rhetoric with which we tried to persuade all those involved to comply with the Minsk agreements has changed. Moscow made it clear that the liberated lands became ours. Like yesterday is no more. Vladimir Putin said that he would defend the territories with all types of weapons, as required by law. And it’s … Read more

Scientists at Sydney Curtin University have predicted the appearance of a supercontinent on Earth

It is predicted that due to such processes, the Pacific Ocean will close. At the same time, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans do not face such a fate, the scientists stressed. The results of the study were published in the National Science Review. .

Maria Lvova-Belova: Children evacuated from war zones need adaptation

Maria Lvova-Belova in her speech emphasized the particular relevance of the topic raised, noting that it is well known to the Institute of Children’s Ombudsmen. According to the press service of the Ombudsman, since 2018, on behalf of the President of Russia, the Ombudsman has been repatriating children from Syria and Iraq. She recalled that … Read more