Washington releases bin Laden drug dealer as part of prisoner swap with Taliban

imagebroker/Matthias Hauser In America, drug dealer bin Laden was released. The US released Bashir Nurzai as part of an exchange of American citizen Mark Frerichs with the Taliban. In early May 2009, a Manhattan court found Bashir Nurzai guilty and sentenced him to life in prison in a $50 million drug deal. Nurzai is considered … Read more

Netflix to release new version of Teletubbies

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Subscribers dubbed Borodina “the second Blinovskaya” after the release of the online course

vk.com / Ksenia Borodina Ksenia Borodina previously presented a new online course to subscribers. However, the attempts of the TV presenter to retrain as a psychologist did not impress the fans. According to Borodina herself, the course will help women solve their problems. The TV presenter calls her creation “plantain”, which must be applied to … Read more

The headquarters of the defense of the DPR announced the release of four more settlements of the republic

Allied forces liberated the villages of Orlinskoe, Klyuchevoe, Volodino and Zavitne Bazhannia from Ukrainian nationalists. In total, during the special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, 275 settlements of the Donetsk People’s Republic came under the control of the people’s militia of the DPR and the Russian army. .

Creed and Shufutinsky will release a new version of the song “Third of September”

Rapper Yegor Creed will release a joint track with Mikhail Shufutinsky. This will be a new version of the chansonnier’s song “The Third of September”. As the rapper said in his social networks, the release is scheduled for the night of September 1-2 on all music platforms, as well as on YouTube. “He used to … Read more