A new model for the development of fish processing will be tested in Ugra

In order to revive the fish processing enterprises, in Ugra they decided on a project that is not easy at the present time. The plan is as follows: to make one of the already existing factories the main one, specializing only in the deep processing of fish caught independently and accepted from the national communities, … Read more

Residents of Salekhard congratulated on Mother’s Day in the model library “Tochka”

pxhere.com Residents of Salekhard with many children received congratulations on Mother’s Day. The event on this occasion was held on November 27 at the Tochka model library. 13 women received letters of thanks from the head of the city. Special attention was paid to the Rodyamov family, which received a certificate of participation in the … Read more

The mother of Natalia Vodianova for the first time told why she gave her youngest daughter to the shelter

Just at this time, Vodianova began to take shape in the modeling business and she was sure that she could help her mother. However, it was not possible to find the younger Masha. The model even hired private detectives, but the search yielded no results. After a while, Jennifer, that’s the name of the Russian … Read more

Became known the possible cost of the new model “Moskvich-3”

wikipedia.org | Alexey Gomankov/Public domain Concern “Moskvich” announced the start of production of a new crossover “Moskvich-3”. It became known how much the model received. The price for the new SUV will start at 1.6 million rubles. In the maximum configuration, the model will cost about 2 million rubles, excluding the soft lending program. It … Read more

Italian model Cerretti accused Lily-Rose Depp that she got everything easily

She also recalled waiting for hours for a fitting, only to see the “golden child” pass by with a driver and an assistant who cares about his mental health. Cerretti recalled how much she had to work to gain respect. She urged Lily-Rose to remember what she owes her success to. .

“Moskvich” newcomer: what will be the first model of the revived brand | Articles

The first model of the revived Moskvich brand will have Chinese roots, according to OTTS, which appeared in the database of Rosstandart. Crossover “Moskvich 3” will be available in petrol and electric versions. How much can such a car cost – Izvestia found out. What will the new Moskvich look like? As expected, Chinese cars … Read more

Natalia Vodianova reunited with her younger sister 22 years after separation

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda Model Natalia Vodianova reunited with her younger sister 22 years after separation. The girl was adopted by foreigners. Relatives were found through a DNA test. Vodianova’s sister’s name is Jennifer Burns. She was adopted by a North Carolina couple in 2000. The model said in an interview with Vogue … Read more