Naftogaz considers Germany’s decision on Nord Stream 2 a “mockery”

The head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, considers the decision of the Federal Grid Agency of Germany to allow the operator Nord Stream 2 AG to create a German subsidiary to complete the certification of Nord Stream 2 as a “mockery”. The certification procedure was suspended in mid-November, as the regulator demanded to … Read more

The Bundestag commented on the negotiations between Germany and the United States on the SP-2

Berlin and Washington are in constant contact on the line of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation in the event that it uses energy as a weapon. The Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany informed Izvestia about this. On November 28, the Axios portal published an unofficial document – an appeal by … Read more

German inflation was dispersed by gas and raw materials // Monitoring of the world economy

Consumer inflation in Germany in November reached 5.2% in annual terms, according to official statistics. The record remains 6.2%, recorded in the summer of 1992. At the same time, in comparison with October, the level of prices in November decreased by 0.2% (in annual terms, the increase in prices then amounted to 4.5%). The largest … Read more

Inflation in Germany in November reaches a record 5.2% since 1992

Consumer inflation in Germany in November accelerated to 5.2% – such preliminary data was published by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany on Monday. This is a record annual inflation since 1992, when prices rose by 5.8%. In comparison with October, prices rose by 0.2%. This inflation did not come as a surprise – earlier … Read more

Axios has published a diplomatic document from Germany with arguments for the waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The German Embassy in Washington has sent a memorandum to members of the US Congress, in which it warns the US parliament against adopting new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Axios website reports citing the document. The memo argues that sanctions against a US ally will only be a victory for Russian President … Read more