ZeroSync implements the first lightweight ZK client for Bitcoin


The ZeroSync project has deployed the first client system for the Bitcoin header chain based on the ZK-STARK zero-knowledge proof mechanism. The Block reports this.

The solution is built on the Cairo programming language from StarkWare and uses the company’s ZKP-technology. The system allows you to check the state of the network without having to download the blockchain or trust a third party.

ZeroSync is developing tools that, using ZKP, will help solve Bitcoin scaling problems such as transaction speed and congestion.

The created verifier is a lightweight client that makes it possible to verify the inclusion of transactions in the blockchain, storing only evidence for the header chain.

“This lowers the barriers to entry to participate as a full citizen of the Bitcoin network by orders of magnitude,” said ZeroSync co-founder Robin Linus.

According to him, the project hopes to bring broad scalability to the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency in the long term with the help of ZK-STARK.

ZeroSync has developed and is currently implementing a layer 2 protocol that will allow it to process more than 100 Bitcoin transactions per second, he added.

The header verifier in the project was called the first important milestone on the path to a full ZK client. It is planned that the next step will be a tool for nodes to check the entire blockchain without the need to download and process data.

“The ultimate goal is to create a zero-knowledge verifier on the Bitcoin mainnet,” Linus emphasized.

Let us remind you that ForkLog talked about the ZK-STARK technology and the StarkNet network built on its basis in educational cards.

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