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Zakharova reacted to the words of the ex-Prime Minister of Bulgaria about the “long arm” of the Kremlin

Russia sympathizes with former Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s concerns about alleged Russian interference in the country’s internal affairs. Such a statement was made on July 29 by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

“We sincerely sympathize with his concerns about the “long arm” of the Kremlin. From the point of view of logic and truth, we see no reason to comment separately on each of the deliberately false statements about Russian interference in the affairs of Bulgaria, corruption as our “main foreign policy tool” in the Balkans and “processing” local politicians by organizing “exit tours” to Greece, — stated in a message published on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Thus, she commented on the publication of The Times newspaper, in which Petkov actually accused Russia of interfering in political processes within Bulgaria. Zakharova stressed that Russia has never allowed itself to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign states, just as it will not allow its opinion to be imposed on Moscow itself. The presence of speculation about the “Russian threat” is a sign of political agony, she summed up.

On June 22, Petkov blamed his resignation on businessman and former MP Delyan Peevski, GERB party leader Boyko Borisov, There Is Such a People party head Slavi Trifonov, and Russian ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova. Maria Zakharova ironically reacted to the words of the Bulgarian politician and offered to supplement his list with Batman and Catwoman. According to Zakharova, “the man was tired, he began to talk.”

On April 27, Russian Gazprom announced that it had completely suspended deliveries to Bulgargaz (Bulgaria) and PGNIG (Poland) due to the lack of payment for gas in rubles. The company specified that Bulgaria and Poland are transit states. Then Petkov noted that Bulgaria would not succumb to Moscow’s conditions, since it would not use an extra-contractual scheme for paying for Russian gas in rubles.

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