YouTube will advertise on all videos from June 1

American video hosting YouTube from June 1 will start placing ads in all videos presented on the platform, including on channels that are not included in the affiliate program. This is stated in the new video resource privacy rules.

According to the new rules, on the first day of summer in Russia and other countries, updated terms of use for YouTube will be in effect, including the right to monetize content by video hosting.

Also, the video service will introduce taxes for bloggers living outside the United States, including Russians. Profits generated from US views will be tax deductible. This includes revenue generated through YouTube Premium, super chat and sponsorship. In this regard, content authors will have to provide the Google AdSense service with tax information – TIN, legal entity name and commercial name. If this data is not sent by May 31, 2021, then video hosting can withhold up to 24% of revenue from views, according to Google’s tax information rules. However, Russian authors, when providing tax information, will not be subject to taxes in favor of the American treasury, since Russia and the United States have concluded an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation.

The new terms will also apply to the YouTube Kids service. In the event that a child uses it, the parent adopts the rules on his behalf. For US users of the platform, these rules came into effect in November 2020.

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