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Young families are asked to remove age restrictions in the housing program


Young families have proposed considering the possibility of removing age restrictions for them under the housing program, said Anna Kuznetsova, Vice Speaker of the State Duma, today.

Commenting on the president’s instruction to the government to keep under control the development of additional measures to support families with children, Anna Kuznetsova noted that young families are potentially large families in the future.

“Now we are considering several proposals to support this category,” she said.

According to her, the youth itself proposes to consider the possibility of removing age restrictions on exclusion from the program to provide young families with housing. Because the number of families who were able to improve their living conditions turned out to be almost half as many as the number excluded from the program due to the fact that their age exceeded 35 years.

According to the vice-speaker, everything the president said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum “sounded social.” At the same time, she emphasized the value of the tasks voiced in the field of protecting families with children.

“The head of state has called, and I want to emphasize this, to drastic measures to support families with children,” said Anna Kuznetsova. “It is already clear that families with many children need support.”

The results of the recent monitoring in the regions, according to the vice speaker, show that the status of large families should be fixed at the federal level.

“The need for this is long overdue. This vector was confirmed by the President, stressing today that “the future of Russia is a family with two, three and more children,” Anna Kuznetsova added.

She also clarified that a number of legislative initiatives to assist families are being worked out, and, according to her, it is very important to assess their impact on the decision of parents about the birth of subsequent children.

“And, of course, it is necessary to complete what has been started, improve support measures, constantly keeping abreast, checking the effectiveness of work and the effectiveness of assistance to Russian families,” the vice speaker summed up.


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