You are also Confuse, where will the money be bitcoin or gold safe! Know everything

Investors always have confusion about where to invest money that is safe and can also give good returns when the time comes. Gold-silver has been considered better from the beginning in terms of investment and at present, it seems clear that gold and silver once again return to shopping.

With the resumption of the Corona (Covid 19) case, investors are turning to Safe-Haven, which has started increasing the brightness of gold. But there is also no denying that cryptocurrency is heavy on gold and silver in terms of returns.

However, the new record high this month – after going above $ 64,000, there has been a big fall in Bitcoin, and Bitcoin has slipped more than 15 thousand dollars from the top level. Such a big question is also in the minds of investors and that is whether this is the right time to invest in bitcoins, or would it be safer to invest in gold traditionally.

Gold is getting support from the rising cases of corona and inflation. Gold is also getting support due to weakness in the dollar. Good physical demand is coming from China and India. Switzerland’s gold export is at a 10-month high. However, there is pressure from America’s good employment figures.

MCX GOLD has given 1 percent in 1 week, 6 percent in 1 month, -5 percent so far this year, 3 percent in 1 year and 52 percent in 3 years.

Bitcoin imposed a record high of $ 64,600 on 13 April. This life time has come down from about $ 15,000. At present, the price of 1 bitcoin in rupees is 36,78000 rupees. At the time of launch 12 years ago, the price of 1 bitcoin was 6 paise. By Oct-10 Dec, there has been an investment of 2 billion dollars in bitcoin. Meanwhile, $ 7 billion has been withdrawn from the Gold Exchange Fund. BTC says that the price of 1 bitcoin can reach 4 lakh dollars.

The price of 1 kg of gold has crossed Rs. 47 lakhs. Right now the price of 1 bitcoin is beyond 36 lakh rupees. In the same month, the price of 1 bitcoin had become 48 lakh rupees. Bitcoin price has come down by 12 lakh rupees from record high.

At the time of launch in 2009, the price of bitcoin was 6 paise. In 2009, the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs 14,500. Now institutional money managers are turning to Crypto. The popularity of digital currency as an asset class has increased. There is a tradition of investing in gold in India. It is easy to buy and sell. Only 75 lakh people in India have Crypto (estimate).

Returns in BITCOIN (%)
1 WEEK -21%
1 MONTH -10%
YTD + 67%
1 YEAR + 580%
3 YEAR + 450%

Returns in ETHEREUM (%)
1 WEEK -10%
1 MONTH + 29%
YTD + 196%
1 YEAR + 1094%
3 YEAR + 250%

Returns in BINANCE COIN (%)
1 WEEK -5%
1 MONTH + 90%
YTD + 1191%
1 YEAR + 2980%
3 YEAR + 3654%
Returns in RIPPLE (%)
1 WEEK -33%
1 MONTH +90
YTD + 376%
1 YEAR + 456%
3 YEAR + 21%

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