Yevtushenkov invited the authorities to talk to “specific people” in connection with the rise in prices

The government should adjust its relationship with big business, whose actions, according to the authorities, led to an increase in prices, said Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the main shareholder of AFK Sistema. At the same time, he said that his business directs the received profit for development, and it is possible to change the “rules of the game” without changing the legislation.

“The government, probably, should somehow adjust the rules of the game – by legislative measures or simply by talking to specific people, because everything is transparent,” Mr. Yevtushenkov said in an interview with RBC. So he commented on the words of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who said in May that the greed of individual producers was one of the reasons for the rise in food prices.

Mr. Yevtushenkov said that “the whole business is different” and “it is impossible to measure everyone by one size fits all.” “Take us, for example, we do not pay billions of dollars in dividends. With us, they are extremely modest and do not settle in the accounts. Everything goes either to development, or to pay interest on debts … But someone was lucky, due to the pandemic and some other factors, they managed to earn more, maybe hundreds of percent more, ”he said.

Earlier, Mikhail Mishustin’s statement about the greed of businessmen was commented on by Oleg Deripaska. He said that the authorities, “in principle, say the right things,” and noted that the issue of business income is open. “What version of the discussion will be now – the doctor, or will there be some more civilized form?” – he said, thereby recalling the statement of Vladimir Putin, which led in 2008 to the fall of the Russian stock market.

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