Home Business Yarushin spoke sharply about the stars pouring mud on Russia

Yarushin spoke sharply about the stars pouring mud on Russia

Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomokhov
Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomokhov

Actor and musician Stas Yarushin, who became famous thanks to the comedy series Univer, reacted to the criticism of Russia by the stars who left the country.

Yarushin does not like to discuss colleagues who have settled abroad. Considering himself a patriot, the actor cannot understand their decision.

“There are *****-artists who have left somewhere, and from there they are pouring mud on our country,” he shared with Narodnye Novosti, which is part of the Patriot Media Group, at the SPIEF-2022 site.

The actor himself is not going to leave the country. After the start of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, most of the artists supported assistance to the republics of Donbass. Dmitry Pevtsov, Yulia Chicherina, Oleg Gazmanov repeatedly traveled to the region with concerts.

Even the actor Yevgeny Mironov, who previously criticized the special operation, changed his mind after a trip to Donbass. He is confident that colleagues should follow his example.



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