Yandex offered to remove from search results “repeat offender domains” with pirated content

Yandex proposed to supplement the anti-piracy memorandum with a mechanism for removing “repeat offender domains” from search results. Earlier, the company changed its search policy for Yandex.Video to exclude videos from partners who have not signed an anti-piracy agreement. Yandex believes that the most important thing in the fight against piracy is the adoption by the State Duma of a bill based on the memorandum. “The next step will be to supplement the memorandum with an industry-agreed mechanism for removing recidivist domains from search results,” the press service of TASS said. Yandex hopes that the new mechanism, after working out, can also be introduced into the legislation. The company expects that this will lead to an increase in the popularity of official video resources. The anti-piracy memorandum was signed by copyright holders and search engines on November 1, 2018. It obliges the company to remove links to pirated resources from search results out of court. Since then, the search engine has already removed more than 24 million links to content. About the change….

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