XRP price to hit $30 if Ripple wins SEC lawsuit, hedge fund manager says

The price of XRP is rising on rumors of a relisting on the Coinbase crypto exchange.

Recently, the number of XRP price predictions from analysts and experts, not to mention ordinary investors, has increased. While true XRP holders are firm on the price of $589 per coin, other predictions are more modest but still fantastic relative to the real price.

In a recent analysis, Egrag, a well-known cryptanalyst on Twitter, analyzed XRP according to a principle he calls Bent Fork Roadmap. The roadmap includes four directions, each of which represents a phase of the XRP market cycle.

Egrag reported that current market trends suggest that XRP’s trajectory coincides with track D, which symbolizes the top of the cycle. This is the most optimistic result for XRP on the Bent Fork roadmap. Egrag predicts that XRP can reach the estimated price at $15. This would mean an increase of 3025%, or 30 times the current value.

The speculation surrounding the release of the Hinman documents could send the price of XRP up to $30 over the next three to four months, Thomas Kralow, founder and manager of cryptocurrency hedge fund Kralow Capital, told FXStreet.

Kralow noted the growing interest of crypto market participants. Based on Google trending data, XRP searches have doubled over the past month, indicating an increase in interest from traders around the world.

Kralow said in an interview with FXStreet:

Currently, we are seeing a huge amount of speculative narratives around Ripple that could potentially lead to a significant increase in the price of XRP in the next three to four months, pushing its value to the level of $10 to $30.

According to Kralow, Google’s trend data reveals additional potential for market activity, setting a bullish target of $30 per token over the next three to four months. He highlights two factors that could help or hinder the XRP rally over the next three months.

Ripple IPO: Ripple and its executives have occasionally shared their desire to take the payment transfer company public during the lawsuit. Ripple’s IPO could be a key milestone and bullish catalyst for XRP’s price given that the token is native to the giant’s XRPLedger.

Ripple’s victory over SEC: Ripple’s victory over the SEC, or an agreement between the two parties, the conclusion that XRP is not a security, could push the altcoin to a new all-time high.

Torai Kortan, a well-known figure in the XRP community, recently gave his opinion on the future trajectory of XRP.

Despite remaining bullish on XRP and the larger crypto market, Cortan urged caution. He boldly stated that there are no barriers preventing XRP from reaching $10 or even $100, challenging the oft-cited importance of market cap in determining value. The analyst argued that the concept of market capitalization was essentially a construct with no real meaning.

Commenting on the XRP hype, Cortan noted:

“I don’t see any reason why XRP can’t reach $10 or $100. Market capitalization is all rubbish, a fabrication that defines no form of value. However, I can’t imagine that they would let all these people get rich overnight. It can take a very long time, most will sell.”

This points to potential disappointment for those expecting astronomical gains over a short period of time.

The second most important idea for pragmatic investing is that investors should not expect to sell before the expected peak. He advocated sustainable growth and timely acquisitions rather than a quick 100,000 percent return on investment.

According to Cortana, emulating whale strategies that capitalize on small, calculated moves rather than dreams of inflated price targets is a sure way to long-term success.

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