XRP Network Experiencing Historic Address Activity

Ripple XRP Price Will Rise Due To This Future Tech Tokenization Market

XRP has just witnessed the second and third largest spikes in targeted activity in the last 2 days. XRP has separated from the rest of the altcoin market with impressive growth. The last time this burst of activity occurred, XRP was up 45%.

Santiment, a well-known crypto behavior analytics platform, highlighted this surge in targeted activity today.

XRP Network Experiencing Historic Address Activity

As of May 28, up to 490.35K XRP addresses interacted with the network, according to the Santiment chart. This is the second largest spike of all time and comes two months after the network experienced its biggest spike of 871.98k addresses in March.

In addition, the chart also points to another spike of 281.72k active addresses on the day of May 29, making it the third largest spike of all time.

Separation of XRP from the market. Another solo run?

Interestingly, XRP is again showing signs of this behavior. According to Santiment, the asset is currently showing a moderate +4% decoupling from the broader altcoin market. With a gain of 4.46% over the past 24 hours, XRP is the most profitable among the top 30 assets, trading in the green while others suffer losses.

As a result of this price spike, the asset regained the $0.50 price mark.

The well-known chartist Blockchain Backer recently drew attention to this trend. The analyst noted that XRP broke away from its historical trend for the first time in 9 months. This happens as the asset separates from the rest of the altcoin market, showing profits when the market falls.

However, Blockchain Backer emphasized that this run could be unsustainable if the rest of the market does not rise. “It’s almost mathematically impossible,” he emphasized.

Leading usually occurs when investors place trades based on insider information about an upcoming event. These investors enter into these trades because they hope to profit from the price movements that will occur when the event materializes.

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