Xai Foundation to launch L3 protocol on top of Arbitrum


The gaming-focused Xai project will launch an L3 blockchain based on the Arbitrum second layer network to scale Ethereum.

The team is supported by the development company Arbitrum.

“Offchain Labs’ involvement as a service provider ensures that Xai is built on a solid foundation of scalability, security, and user friendliness,” the Xai Foundation said in a statement.

The project focuses on Axie Infinity, which uses the Ronin sidechain. In terms of building a gaming ecosystem, the team was inspired by the success of Immutable X and Gala Games.

“The roadmap is based on a comprehensive decentralization plan. The ecosystem includes a fund, a decentralized autonomous organization and validators,” the developers specified.

They also introduced the Xai token. The asset is intended for multi-purpose use on the network, including paying for gas, rewarding validators, and incentivizing users.

The team is developing a solution with account abstraction in mind, which will simplify interaction with accounts and wallets.

According to the Xai Foundation, the L3 protocol provides scalability with the security level of Ethereum and is aimed at Web3 game developers.

Recall that the decentralized data indexing protocol The Graph has moved to the last stage of migration from the Ethereum blockchain to Arbitrum in order to reduce transaction costs.

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