Worldcoin passed the mark of 2 million registrations


The number of registered users in the World ID protocol from Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project has reached 2 million.

Data: Twitter.

Representatives of the company noted that the platform managed to collect the second million twice as fast as the first. At the same time, World ID is still in beta testing. On average, about 40,000 people are registered in the protocol every week.

Worldcoin believes that they managed to achieve such an influx of users through a “world tour”. As part of a PR campaign, the project launched a service for personal identification and financial transactions in Germany in partnership with Auth0.

German citizens got access to World ID and the Sign in with Worldcoin tool, a multifunctional authorization system for applications and websites.

The company also initiated the production of Orb biometric imaging devices for scanning the iris. Tool validation is available in Germany, Argentina, Chile, India, Spain, Kenya, Portugal and.

Worldcoin’s flagship product is based on zero-knowledge proofs. It is a mobile tool that allows people to authenticate without sacrificing anonymity. In addition to biometric data, users can use a regular phone number to verify their identity.

Recall that in May, users from China who do not have access to the application began to buy biometric data from third parties in African countries in order to receive registration bonuses. The company promised to take the necessary measures to combat the black market.

In the same month, the Tools for Humanity team, which includes Worldcoin developers, raised $115 million following the results of the investment round.

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