Worldcoin launches service in Germany in partnership with Auth0


Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project has launched a protocol for personal identification and financial transactions in Germany.

The initiative was implemented in collaboration with one of the world’s largest authentication and authorization platforms Auth0 from Okta.

German citizens now have access to World ID and the Sign in with Worldcoin tool. Auth0 integration has become a massive implementation of the latter.

Sign in is similar to an ordinary social network authorization system – access to several applications or websites through one account.

The Auth0 integration means that thousands of apps using the platform now support signing in with Worldcoin.

“Sign in with Worldcoin is designed to provide secure and privacy-preserving access to services and applications while preventing fraud and bot involvement,” Thiago Sada, Head of Products for Tools for Humanity, explained.

Users can provide more privacy as when they log in with Worldcoin, a zero-knowledge proof is generated on their device. It confirms their identity (proof of personhood) without disclosing any private information and preventing fraud and bot activity.

As an example, Sada cited an application that would require Sign in with Worldcoin to buy tickets to a concert or event. With identity verification, artists can ensure that tickets go to fans and not to bots or aggregators who then resell them for a higher price.

“The implementations and apps for signing in with Sign in with Worldcoin are limitless”, Sada said.

To create a so-called digital passport, users can use the application World.

World ID can be verified using a phone number or data from Orb. The latter is a biometric imaging device designed to verify identity. Orb is created, designed and manufactured in Germany.

Recall that in May 2023, the Tools for Humanity team, which includes the developers of Sam Altman’s startup Worldcoin, raised $115 million following the investment round.

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