Worldcoin broke the record of daily registrations in Argentina


Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project recorded a record number of registrations in Argentina – 9,500 people passed verification in a day.

Spheres for scanning biometrics were placed in four cities of the country, including Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Cordoba and Mendos.

“In Argentina, one user registers every 9 seconds,” the press release says.

Worldcoin announced its official launch on July 24th. The main product of the project, the World ID protocol, is based on zero-knowledge proofs. It is a mobile tool that allows people to be identified through a retinal scan or phone number.

The platform records record numbers even against the backdrop of regulatory problems. Earlier, the Agency for Access to Public Information of Argentina initiated an investigation into the Altman project. The agency is concerned about the security measures taken to protect user privacy.

The regulators of Great Britain, France, Germany and Kenya also became interested in the activities of Worldcoin.

Recall, the company’s manager for Europe, Ricardo Maceira, said that the World ID identification system will become available to large organizations and world governments.

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