With crypto done, regulators will tackle the metaverse

Despite the lack of practical solutions in the field of metaverses, international regulators will hit the virtual reality market.

Metaverses will be the new “battlefield” for administrators. Researchers from the blockchain company Elliptic presented this idea in their report. According to experts, regulators will control the VR market once they stop cryptocurrencies.

It is argued that a constitutional change can be expected as early as 2023, as Europol has already launched a true cybercrime operation.


At the same time, Elliptic believes that regulators can extend the existing rules in the metaverse so as not to “reinvent the wheel” as it is now with cryptocurrencies. To what extent they can organize virtual reality companies, Elliptic did not specify.

As Europol experts have previously warned, virtual reality can become a “new type of internet”, where cyber criminals will try to take advantage of new opportunities. The European Union (EU) police force called on the authorities in the political parties to expect change and “be ready to protect the citizens really”.

In February, the media reported that Interpol wanted to transfer its authority to platforms in the metaverse to prevent crime in the virtual space.

According to Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock, the organization must be ready for new challenges in advance so as not to be left out of the metaverse and connected technologies. However, for now, the organization is working on legal support to extend its authority to platforms in the metaverse, which some groups have been using to commit crimes.

According to analysts from the largest American financial institution Citibank, by 2030 the value of the metaverse industry may reach 13 billion dollars.

This number not only shows the attractive investment potential of the company but also the inevitable involvement of digital criminals, as well as those with malicious and malicious intentions.

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