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Why the Ukrainian army is rapidly losing morale

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The Russian Armed Forces (RF Armed Forces) continue to fulfill the tasks of the special operation in Ukraine, carrying out systematic and inevitable suppression of the resistance of Ukrainian formations along the entire line of contact.

Western military experts are talking about Russia’s military advantage, most evident in artillery, aviation and long-range missiles, which allows the RF Armed Forces to take operational initiative and impose their will on opposing forces.

Against the backdrop of the successful actions of the Russian forces, the figures of losses suffered by the Ukrainian armed formations under the blows of the units of the defenders of Donbass seemed quite understandable (albeit frightening).

Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com/globallookpress
Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com/globallookpress

According to some Telegram channels, according to American, British, German and Polish intelligence, we are talking about a figure of 176,000 irretrievably lost servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and Territorial Defense, and, according to sources, the numbers can be much higher. Even the recent statement by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov about daily losses of a thousand people may be an underestimate.

Losses in many combat formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine exceeded 70-80% of the initial composition, which was available on February 23, 2022. That is, since the beginning of hostilities, the most trained and motivated, and for the most part experienced, military personnel have been put out of action.

The Kyiv regime began to compensate for the losses in a proven and only possible way – by conducting a mass mobilization of reservists and citizens liable for military service who are registered with the military.

Gilles Bader/Keystone Press Agency
Gilles Bader/Keystone Press Agency

If the recently retired reservists still had some knowledge of their military specialties (for example, tank and infantry fighting vehicle drivers, ATGM and MANPADS operators, grenade launchers, artillerymen), then those liable for military service who had been in the reserve for a long time no longer had initial military training. Including in their mass, they did not even know how to use the simplest small arms.

The haste with which new units were formed or those who suffered losses were replenished did not imply the establishment of combat training sufficient for a firm mastery of a military specialty.

As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) began to grow in the number of personnel who are not able to fully use weapons and military equipment. And taking into account the filling of the troops with Western models of weapons equipped with information nameplates in a foreign language, the inability of the mobilized personnel to master quite effective and very expensive means of warfare was fully manifested.

Lack of knowledge about the capabilities of entrusted weapons usually gives rise to self-doubt, and living examples of the death of their colleagues from enemy fire deepen the understanding of their own helplessness in the mind, forming the desire to avoid death or injury by all means. This is the psychological basis for the subsequent refusal to perform combat missions, unauthorized exit from the battle and desertion.

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is overshadowed by the fact that reserve officers who actually do not differ in the amount of military knowledge from ordinary mobilized officers come to command positions in the platoon-company link. Such officers, by definition, cannot achieve controllability of the units entrusted to them, and the fighters, in turn, do not see in them competent leaders who they could trust in a difficult battle situation.

As a result, there is an increase in problems, which are almost impossible to solve in a combat situation and the need to perform combat missions “here and now”. As a result, the officers evade their duties, and the soldiers leave their positions and record a video where they accuse the commanders that they “abandoned the unit.”

There is another factor that is important in the current situation, which greatly affects the moral and volitional qualities of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I-Images/Keystone Press Agency/Globalookpress
I-Images/Keystone Press Agency/Globalookpress

The territorial defense troops were originally formed with the aim of using these battalions and brigades in the territory where the recruitment took place. It was assumed that these units would be used in hostilities only when the enemy reached their specific territory. This alignment created a situation in which the conscripts of the western regions of Ukraine rushed en masse to sign up for territorial defense, rightly believing that in this way they would be able to sit out in their region, not leave to fight in the east of the country as part of combat brigades and at the same time observe their civic duty – to be called up in mobilization army.

However, such a cunning move was destroyed by a presidential decree. Vladimir Zelenskyallowing the use of territorial defense brigades in combat operations outside the area of ​​their formation.

The most cunning reservists did not even have time to utter a word as they found themselves on the line of contact. It must be understood that they also did not conduct combat training, because few people believed that Russian units, after leaving the Kyiv region, would one day return to the West of Ukraine.

Plus, you need to add to this the real deception that the Kyiv regime went to in order to compensate for the losses in manpower, which obviously affects the consciousness of every therodefense fighter who finds himself on the front line.

Of course, the combination of these factors does not lead to an increase in the motivation of the personnel of the territorial defense brigades, which unexpectedly found themselves at the front.

And last but not least. An army that is defeated and unable to seize the initiative begins to rapidly decay. The topic of “who we serve” is increasingly raised in the troops, which are exacerbated by the tightening of responsibility for refusing to carry out orders.

Cases of executions of Ukrainian servicemen who expressed a desire to lay down their arms and surrender in order to save their lives are no longer isolated. All this aggravates the already difficult moral situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forcing an increasing number of military collectives to make a decision to abandon armed struggle.

What would not interfere in the Ukrainian units now is an independent and decisive purge of ardent nationalists, who are the main force of the Kyiv nationalist regime, pushing Ukrainian military personnel to war “to the last Ukrainian.”

And then, with a clear conscience, surrender to Russian captivity – in order to save their lives and subsequently participate in the construction of a renewed Ukraine, freed from Nazism according to the plans of a special military operation.



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