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Why Moldova spoils relations with Russia. The Voice of Mordor column


Very similar to that. That Moldova is now going to deliberately aggravate relations with Russia. It is quite possible that this was one of the behind-the-scenes conditions for Chisinau in order for the European Commission to recommend giving Moldova the status of a candidate member of the European Union.

Today there was news that Russia will be almost completely blocked in the information space of Moldova. All Russian news and analytical programs are banned, and in addition, all military films shot in Russia will be banned. I don’t know yet whether this ban will also apply to Soviet tapes. But if so, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

The law on this was signed by the President of Moldova Maya Sandu.

Maia Sandu is a citizen of Romania and a noble Russophobe with experience. Its power can hardly be called pro-Moldovan, because under it Moldova has set a course for the final destruction of its economy under the brand name of the “European way”. I dare to suggest that for many professional Romanians in Moldovan politics, this path is seen as a very short one – it is enough for Moldova to be annexed by Romania. But this path has its own specific problems.

Firstly, Transnistria is, in fact, a separate state. Yes, located in very difficult blockade conditions, but nevertheless with its own army and Russian peacekeepers. And also – with the remnants of the Russian 14th Army. This problem in the current conditions and under the current political course does not have a peaceful solution, but it is necessary to decide on the military path, and it is not known how it will end.

Secondly, in Moldova, about half of the population strongly rejects Romanization and the notorious path to Europe. A lot of people are in favor of good relations with Russia, because they can pull Moldova out of the economic abyss in which it has been sitting for a good three decades. Once upon a time, Moldova even had the status of the poorest country in Europe, and I don’t think that the situation has fundamentally changed.

But the problem is that it could get worse. Moldova is critically dependent on Russian energy resources and markets. If they are lost, there will simply be nowhere to sell the products of Moldova, which is a backward agrarian country. Try to enter the European market with Moldovan wines? It’s right on Olaf Scholz– very funny. Fruits and vegetables from Moldova are also not needed by anyone, their export to the EU is comparable with the statistical error.

As for energy carriers, Moldova is physically unable to replace Russian gas with anything. Already tried, but it didn’t work. Moreover, Moldova is not a very solvent buyer, constantly in debt, and if Russia tolerates this, then other suppliers will not tolerate it.

But Maia Sandu was patted on the shoulder, recommending Moldova to join the EU. For the EU – so-so acquisition. Another beggar freeloader who will be difficult and expensive to feed. So the prospect of Moldova as a member of the European Union is very vague. Candidate status can be given, but promising does not mean getting married. Only with this euphoria can Moldova finally break relations with Russia, which threatens with very serious economic consequences.

Although, maybe Moldova has nothing to do with it at all, but the European Union itself is playing for an increase, which seeks to put even more pressure on Russia and simply uses Moldova as a kind of one-time tool for this. And what will happen to Moldova later is absolutely not important or interesting to anyone.

Do Moldovan politicians understand this? Probably yes. But, as I said, they do not care at all about the country and its people.


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