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Where hearts light up: Rosatom representative Bazhenov presented the Pulsation project at SPIEF


Official representative of the state corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Bazhenov presented to the guests of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum the volunteer project “Pulsation”, aimed at popularizing blood donation among employees of the nuclear industry.

The author of the project was Bazhenov himself, an employee of JSC GSPI (part of the state corporation Rosatom), a personal drama prompted him to create the program – his friend died due to a lack of donor blood. The project implies a kind of educational cluster, where everyone could hear everything they would like to know about donation.

“Together with medical volunteers and the Russian Red Cross, we want to adapt the responsible donor school so that Rosatom’s corporate donors can receive training online, immerse themselves in the donor agenda in more detail and further inspire, motivate and involve our colleagues who can become donors,” — explained the creator of the project.

As practice shows, not everyone who would like to become a donor can do it. There are various contraindications to donation. However, according to Bazhenov, there is another way to help and become part of the project.

“There is a certain point that is connected with the disappointment of people when they come to the blood transfusion point, and for one reason or another they are denied a donation. There are various indications for donation, you should not be upset here. For example, I cannot be a blood donor, but I am trying in every possible way to talk about this issue, to involve more and more new people who could donate blood and its components on a regular basis, ”said the representative of Rosatom.

At the end of his speech, the author of the project expressed the hope that his idea would help save those whose lives depend on donor blood.

“We hope to save as many lives as possible through the efforts of the entire donor community. The Association of Volunteer Centers is where hearts light up,” Dmitry Bazhenov added.

Earlier it was reported about the cessation of supplies through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which led to problems with donated blood in the LPR.



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