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Whelan’s lawyer spoke about the procedure for the exchange of prisoners of the Russian Federation and the United States

The procedure for exchanging prisoners between Russia and the United States may take no more than a week. But first, the diplomats of the two countries must agree on the details and reach an agreement in principle, Paul Whelan’s lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov told Izvestia on Friday, July 29.

“Prepare [процедуру] It is not difficult if this issue has already been raised to such a level. And the documents themselves can legally be issued within a week. What is the point of feeding and watering the foreigners who are imprisoned with us, if you can return your citizen. There have never been obstacles from Russia: we have always been for the exchange and return of Russians. All our special services have always been positive, saying that we still need to save at least one or two Russian souls, ”he said.

Zherebenkov clarified that for the exchange procedure, the United States should pardon Bout, and the Russian Federation should pardon Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner. Then it will be possible to legally extradite them to their countries of citizenship.

“World practice suggests that the exchange process requires a pardon, so that later there would be no claims against these people from Interpol and other structures,” Whelan’s lawyer explained.

Alexey Tarasov, Bout’s lawyer, told Izvestia that Moscow could take the US proposal positively, since for many years it had been offering various ways to return Russians from American dungeons.

Russian wife Alla But hopes that her husband will have time to return and hug his mother for the last time.

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