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What happened in Ukraine on June 17: Iran will help restore Donbass, Kyiv was deprived of Eurovision

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

International edition The Federal News Agency tellshow the situation is developing in Ukraine and in the Donbass as of June 17.


The head of the Russian Federation spoke today at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) Vladimir Putin. During the discussion of the current agenda and communication with journalists, he made a number of statements about the situation in the region.

Thus, the president declared the inexpediency of storming the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) near Donetsk, from where shelling of peaceful areas is carried out. According to Putin, a frontal attack would entail heavy casualties in the ranks of the defenders of the region, because the Russian forces follow a different tactic – they go behind enemy lines. But such a process is more gradual and takes time.

Nevertheless, the leader promised to strengthen the units involved in the counter-battery fight in this direction. This move will be in response to a request from the official Donetsk, which asked Moscow for more military support in light of increased shelling.

Assessing the situation against the backdrop of the special operation, Vladimir Putin noted that Ukrainians are a talented people with great potential. He said that sooner or later the regional situation would stabilize and relations between the countries would improve.

Meanwhile, the special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine continues.

Now the Russian forces are regrouping in the Kharkov direction. After that, we should expect a resumption of the offensive from the villages of Rubizhnoye and Ternovaya. Ukrainian sources, meanwhile, report that the Russian Aerospace Forces are conducting aerial reconnaissance in the areas of n. Pobeda, Bayrak, Shestakovo and Upper Saltov. This is necessary in order to clarify the location of enemy positions.

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

In the same area, the Russians are steadily moving towards Russkaya Lozova: the fighting has already reached Dementievka and Pitomnik. There is evidence that foreign mercenaries are operating in the area.

Today, the Russian Defense Ministry published information about foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. Most of the militants to fight for the Kyiv regime came from Poland, Romania and the UK. The international edition of the FAN has made an infographic showing what other states they come from.

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The situation in the DPR

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted multiple strikes on Donetsk and other settlements in the region. In total, at least 12 towns and villages were shelled. Under the shells and mines fall mainly residential buildings, infrastructure and property of citizens. There are dead and wounded, the details are being specified.

Today, official data on the losses of the DPR for the period from January to June 16, 2022 appeared. So, from among the military, 2128 people were killed, and 8897 fighters were injured. A large number of them are reservists. Nevertheless, now the situation at the front has changed significantly – mostly trained fighters are on the front line.

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

At the same time, the victims of Kyiv’s aggression among the civilian population amounted to 654 killed and 2,110 wounded.

However, the authorities of the region expect that the provocative attacks will end soon, and therefore they are working to restore the region and establish new foreign policy ties. One of the strategic platforms in this regard today was the SPIEF, which was attended not only by the leaders of the Russian Federation and both republics of Donbass, but also by representatives of other states.

At the end of the plenary session of the forum, the media reported that Iran had signed an agreement with the DPR on the supply of food (vegetables and fruits) and building materials to the region. This will be a good help during the difficult period of rehabilitation of Donbass. Now the international event has not yet ended, so it is possible that later there will be news about other deals of this kind.

For example, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin announced tonight that the republic can deliver grain to Syria from Mariupol, which is also a tempting prospect for foreign partners.

Meanwhile, the liberation of Donbass is in full swing from several directions at once.

Allied troops have already entered Semigorye and Zaitsevo, and also continue to block the Uglegorskaya TPP, which has become a shelter for the nationalists.

The situation of Ukrainian militants in the region is becoming more and more difficult every day. On the entire Bakhmut-Soledar-Seversk line, they no longer have a single safe road, and Russian units continue their offensive along the defense arc.

According to local sources, Wagner PMC fighters are working in the strategic Bakhmut direction, who previously showed themselves very well on the battlefield and played a key role in the liberation of Popasnaya.

The presence of qualified Russian units there is forcing the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer additional troops to this unit, which have strengthened the defense of the route connecting the settlement with Debaltseve and the settlement of Kodemy.

Residents of Bakhmut report that on the northwestern outskirts of the city, the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed multiple launch rocket systems next to a private sector near the Northern Pond. Combat vehicles operate almost continuously and their position can be identified, but the army of Kyiv in this case again covered itself from Russian missile attacks with residential buildings, using people as human shields. However, there is evidence that under the onslaught of Russian units, the Ukrainian security forces no longer exclude the possibility of surrendering the city without a fight.

In parallel with this, intense fighting resumed near Ugledar.

The situation in the LPR

The Armed Forces of Ukraine today concentrated their efforts on attacks on the recently liberated areas of Severodonetsk, from where civilians are now being evacuated. Despite the shelling, the military of the Luhansk People’s Republic is looking for all sorts of ways to transport civilians to safe places

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not limit themselves to these attacks. For example, in the sky over Alchevsk, the republic’s air defense systems shot down another Tochka-U missile. According to preliminary data, no damage was caused to civilians.

Meanwhile, the defenders of the region took another step towards its complete liberation. Toward evening, it became known that the allied forces were able to completely recapture the village of Toshkovka from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the nearby Chekhirovo mine, where about 100 civilians were held hostage.

Now the defenders of Donbass have to clean up the workers’ settlement located near the object, which is a five-story building, from Ukrainian nationalists. There, the troops of Kyiv equipped a company stronghold. After the liberation of this area, the allied forces will be able to open their way in the direction of Gorsky, which is now partially blocked.


Despite the fact that Kyiv officials announced the start of preparations for Eurovision 2023 a few days ago, the organizers of the competition do not share their optimism. They stated that Ukraine is not able to host the event on its territory, and therefore this right will be transferred to the UK, which took second place.

Another European country, Poland, also came up with a controversial initiative. Local officials began to disseminate information about the search among refugees on their territory for Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 years old, suitable for Kyiv’s requirements for mobilization. From now on, they have been given ten days to leave the territory under the jurisdiction of Warsaw, or they will be detained and sent to their homeland, where they will join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There, recruits who tried to evade participation in hostilities on the side of the Kyiv regime will have something to fight with – Great Britain announced the imminent delivery of a batch of 105-mm L118 howitzers to Ukraine. These guns were developed and produced back in the 70s of the XX century and have a firing range of up to 18 km.

All this is happening against the backdrop of events favorable for Kyiv in terms of conducting an information war – today the European Commission recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for the European Union. However, even in this case, the country still has to go through a long and difficult path of global reforms, and an accelerated procedure should not be expected.


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