What are cryptands willing to spend 1 BTC on?

Popular in the crypto community, blogger Davinci Jeremy set out to find out what might happen to someone who accidentally puts a whole bitcoin in their hands.

At the time of writing, 1 BTC is worth $26,865 (₽ 2,147,882). To do this, Jeremy asked his followers to say what they would do if they got a piece.


“If I sent you a whole bitcoin today, what would you do with the coins?” – wrote Davinci Jeremy on his microblog. Here are the most popular answers:

I will sell it here for fiat. In particular, some users expressed the desire to use the money earned to pay. I will transfer Bitcoin to a cold wallet until the next halving. How the event affects the rate of cryptocurrency and how to make money from it, the editors of BeInCrypto thought earlier. I will spend food.

I will buy another cryptocurrency for all bitcoins. Among the responses was the name of the memo in PEPE. Remember that the publishers of BeInCrypto and experts discussed the prospects for investing in the coin. I will wait a few years, then I will sell it. Deadlines vary. I will buy a house.

Some of the followers have expressed their willingness to keep the cryptocurrency for children or spend it on charity. Remember that the publishers of BeInCrypto first understood how, where, and where to spend cryptocurrency.

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