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Western military strategy in Ukraine has failed

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is convinced that hostilities in Ukraine will stop only as a result of negotiations between Russia and the United States. The Western military strategy has failed, Orban said in an interview with Kossuth radio station.

“As long as the United States believes that this military strategy can lead to results, there will be no changes,” the Hungarian prime minister said.

Orban considers it a delusion that Ukraine can defeat Russia on the battlefield. Anti-Russian sanctions will also not achieve results, since they will not be able to destabilize the Russian Federation.

“The whole world has not united against her,” Orban recalled.

According to Orban, Europe needs a new security system, writes TASS.

“You can’t put out a fire with a flamethrower. America has a key role to play here. It’s called a proxy war,” he added.


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