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We need to urgently save children: political scientist Makeeva on the creation of an effective education system in the Russian Federation


The current system of higher education in Russia needs to be changed. This opinion in conversation with FAN shared political scientist, deputy director of the Center for Geopolitical ExpertiseNatalia Makeeva. 

The interlocutor is convinced that the adjustment of the education system in Russia should not turn into “another crazy experiment.” However, by compiling various systems, there is a risk of creating something that is not what a modern and rapidly developing society needs.

“Stop experimenting with the country. This applies to all areas. In my opinion, it is necessary to return the Soviet approaches. Naturally, we are not talking about the ideological component, as in the USSR. The country needs scientists, they need those who will take us into outer space or create cures for cancer, sane water desalination systems. Strictly speaking, humanity has accumulated problems that, despite the great achievements of science, have not been resolved,” Makeeva said.


According to the political observer, Russian education can provide the country and mankind with scientists capable of solving global acute social and infrastructural problems. The writer drew attention to an important nuance that must be taken into account when nurturing the younger generation of geniuses and geeks. In her opinion, one should not be zealous with strong ideologization, as in the USSR.

“For this, these scientists need to be brought up from kindergarten. It seems to me that the Soviet system of education can be taken as a basis. This concerns, first of all, the exact sciences, languages ​​and spheres, where a person will not be able to leave on the basis of general education and erudition. We have lost a lot of time. Now we need to urgently save our education, save our children, because education should also include the upbringing system, ”concluded the political scientist.

Recently, the speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that the Western model of education cannot be blindly copied. In his opinion, Russia should create a national effective system based on the best practices of today and the Soviet period.



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