Volodin: YouTube’s decision to place ads in all videos violates citizens’ rights

State Duma Chairman Viacheslav Volodin accused the American video hosting YouTube of wanting to make money on citizens, to get even more profit. So he commented on the company’s decision to place ads in all videos. Mr. Volodin called this a violation of citizens’ rights.

“Let’s say you shot a video. We uploaded it to YouTube. And someone tore it apart, inserted his own ad, breaking the unity of the plot. Without your consent. I also received dividends from this, ”the chairman of the State Duma gave an example on the Telegram channel. According to him, users are actually being forced to spend money on buying a subscription to watch videos without ads. “Imposed service. For many, it is better to quit watching than to wait for the end of the commercial, ”said Viacheslav Volodin.

“Apparently, video hosting does not consider that it violates the rights of users, forgetting that thanks to them it exists,” he said. According to Mr. Volodin, obtaining super-profits turned out to be more important than respecting the rights of citizens. He called for the development of a framework for all countries to regulate activities in the media sphere.

Earlier, Vyacheslav Volodin called it necessary to introduce measures in Russia at the legislative level, providing for the regulation of the activities of foreign IT companies. So he commented on the bill submitted to the lower house on the obligation of IT giants to open representative offices in the Russian Federation.

As a reminder, YouTube from June 1 will begin placing ads in all videos presented on the platform, including on channels that are not included in the affiliate program. According to the new rules, on the first day of summer in Russia and other countries, updated terms of use for YouTube will be in effect, including the right to monetize content by video hosting.

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