Volante Technologies recognized the potential of Ripple

Volante Technologies recognized the potential of Ripple

Volante Technologies, a trusted cloud payment partner known for helping businesses innovate quickly, confirmed that Ripple provides significant opportunities for Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

This endorsement came during an EBADay event where Vinay Prabhakar, CMO of Volante Technologies, discussed the benefits of cloud payment processing and named Ripple as a key player.

Notably, the endorsement of Volante Technologies was recently shown to the community by an influential member of the XRP community.

In his tweet, the influencer attached a video clip from the EBAday event in which a Volante Technologies representative talks about the transformative potential of Ripple and GPI (Global Payments Innovation) for the PSP.


EBAday, the premier meeting for banking and payments executives, is organized by the European Banking Association (EBA) in partnership with local service providers. It attracts registrations from leading banks around the world.

The EBAday event, which attracts industry leaders and banking executives, is a platform to discuss new trends and advances in payments and transactional banking.

The presence of leading European and global banks further highlights the importance of the discussions including the growing acceptance of Ripple and GPI as revolutionary solutions for payment service providers.

Volante Technologies is one of the world’s leading companies that graces this event from time to time.

Notably, as Volante Technologies highlights, cloud payment processing has become an important driver of innovation and flexibility for financial institutions in terms of cost reduction. The use of Ripple and GPI technologies promises to provide even more possibilities for the PSP.

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