Visibility of intimate public services // It was proposed to legalize access to pornography through the portal

The Main Radio Frequency Center (GRCHTs), subordinate to Roskomnadzor, proposed to tighten access to pornography on the Internet. Such content should be categorized as “illegal” and “not prohibited by law” and should be made available only to adults. According to the GRChTS concept, you need to confirm your age through the portal of public services. Experts consider the proposals to be ineffective.

Kommersant studied a study by the Scientific and Technical Center (STC) of the HRChTs on the regulation of the distribution of pornography on the Internet and the international experience of restricting minors from viewing it. The authors have made a number of recommendations for Russia.

They proposed to divide pornography into two types: “not prohibited by law” and “illegal”. The latter included child pornography and “clearly offensive” pornography such as rape. “Not prohibited by law” pornography is defined by the authors as materials presented in the form of “naturalistic images or descriptions of the genitals of an adult and / or sexual intercourse or comparable sexual activity of a sexual nature involving adults with their consent.” How to deal with “illegal” pornography, STC GRCHTs does not specify, and viewing “not prohibited” is proposed to be made possible for adult citizens.

Among the options for implementing the age qualification, the authors of the study indicated the development of a user verification system by porn sites or entering through the state system for identifying citizens of the ESIA (it is used on the website of public services).

SRChTS offers to filter pornographic traffic by default using equipment on operators’ networks, which must be installed. According to the authors of the study, access should be limited until the user confirms his age. Separately, it is proposed to consider mandatory filtering of porn traffic on networks of operators in schools and kindergartens. In this part, the authors draw on the American experience: where pornography is legalized and protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech. The exception in the United States is child pornography and pornography that is “obscene,” the study said.

“Our main task is to protect children from destructive content,” he says. about. Roman Korostashov, head of the Scientific and Technical Center of the HRChTs. The use of ESIA for this purpose is a priority, since it is this system that has legal significance, he added. Roskomnadzor did not respond to the request.

The ECtHR will consider the problem of access to pornography in prisons

The production and circulation of any pornography is prohibited under Art. 242 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but the measure does not actually work, unlike Art. 242.1, which provides for the involvement of minors, says Dmitry Gorbunov, partner of Rustam Kurmaev and Partners. The law does not prohibit private viewing of any pornography, Timur Aliyev, partner of the Grechkin and Partners group, recalls.

The telecom operators interviewed by Kommersant declined to comment. The interlocutor in this market recalled that technical means of countering threats (TSPU) are already working on the networks, which filter illegal content within the framework of the law on “sovereign runet”.

Such TSPU can be used to restrict access to porn content, but the effectiveness will be zero, warns the director general of the Institute for Internet Research Karen Ghazaryan: “Pornography on the Internet is a wagon, you won’t be able to control everything.”

The current legislation already has mechanisms to combat pornography on the Internet, but it is difficult to block all of it: there are a great many porn sites, and they can be transferred to other addresses, confirms Timur Aliyev. If blocked, users will have VPN services that work successfully in Russia, says Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev. According to him, now such tools are being introduced at the level of large corporations, for example Apple: “In this case, foreign corporations will also have to be included in the regulation loop.”

Finally, the experts asked questions about the proposed method of age confirmation. “Verification on porn sites through conventional” State services “is a quite working scheme, but I doubt that many sites will decide on this,” says Karen Ghazaryan. It is unlikely that users will be delighted with such a novel, the founder of LiveInternet and ex-adviser to the president Herman Klimenko is skeptical.

Dmitry Shestoperov, Nikita Korolev, Valeria Lebedeva

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