Violations in the protection of wells near Mount Beshtau revealed in the Stavropol Territory

In the Stavropol Territory, the prosecutor’s office revealed violations in the protection of wells located on a disputed land plot near Mount Beshtau. This is reported by the regional supervisory authority.

It has been established that there are two wells of underground mineral waters on the land plot. They are registered as the property of the Russian Federation, however, the land itself, in violation of the requirements of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, has not been registered as state property and belongs to a private person.

It also turned out that sanitary protection zones of wells have not been established at the site, and projects for their protection have not been developed. This is also a serious violation.

The head of the territorial department of the Federal Property Management Agency was submitted a proposal to eliminate violations.

According to NewsTracker, the prosecutor’s office became interested in the site at the foot of Beshtau after the scandal that arose in the spring of 2022. Local residents then sounded the alarm when they saw construction equipment in the territory, which was considered a protected area. The activists also feared for the fate of two mineral springs.

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