Viktor Bout’s wife expressed sympathy to the family of the convicted Greiner

Alla But, the wife of Viktor Bout, on Thursday, August 4, expressed her sympathy to the family and friends of the American basketball player Brittney Griner, who was sentenced in Russia to nine years in prison for drug smuggling.

“Sympathy has no citizenship and nationality, it is a universal human emotion. God forbid that our countries come to an agreement and those who are waiting for relatives return home, ”she said.

Earlier that day, the Khimki City Court of the Moscow Region sentenced basketball player Grainer to nine years in a penal colony and ordered her to pay a fine of 1 million rubles.

On July 5, the athlete addressed an open letter to US President Joe Biden with a request to facilitate her release from the Russian pre-trial detention center. Two days later, she fully admitted her guilt, and noted that she had committed the crime unintentionally.

At the hearing on July 27, the defendant said that her spine, knee and ankle were injured. She asked the doctor to prescribe marijuana, as there are many side effects from conventional analgesics. She stressed that she knew about the illegal status of drugs in Russia, and vapes with a banned substance were thrown into a bag along with other things in a hurry.

At the same time, CNN spoke about the plan of the American side to exchange American prisoners for Russian ones. According to the channel, it is proposed to exchange businessman Viktor Bout for Griner and Paul Whelan convicted of espionage. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on August 2 stressed Moscow’s commitment to refusing to publicly discuss this issue.

On June 11, Steve Zissou, a lawyer for Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who was convicted in the United States, called the exchange of the defendant for American citizens detained in the Russian Federation inevitable. Then he told reporters about the deterioration of Bout’s health in prison due to an infection. He promised to go to court to provide his client with qualified medical care.

Viktor Bout has already served half of his 25-year sentence in an American prison on charges of preparing a conspiracy to kill US citizens and material support for terrorism. He was detained in Thailand in 2008 and handed over to the United States.

The businessman was accused of intending to sell a batch of weapons to the radical leftist group “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia”. His mother this year turned to the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation with a request to agree on the return of her son to Russia.

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