Video: Yuri Loza posted a new song

In confirmation of this, Yuri Eduardovich personally shared a new song of his own authorship, which has not happened so often lately. Vine posted in the Telegram channel YouTube video link (18+)succinctly signing: “The man said – the man did. Here’s a new song.”

Under the video, he added grimly: “Songs are still being written, but today they can only be shown via the Internet. Television and radio are given to the young, who provide ratings through mass consciousness, following fashion and the herd instinct.”

The courtly cruel romance is called “Madame” and tells about the meeting of a vengeful lyrical hero with his unhappy love, who once rejected him. The composition is accompanied by a video sequence with retro photographs of fatal beauties.

The fans are delighted. The most popular comment reads: “Bravo, Yuri Eduardovich!!! Amazing tango!!! So distant, so dear… Like Vertinsky, Vadim Kozin and other artists of the past… And your voice cannot be confused with anyone!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!” (Submission – author’s.)

Recently, Loza said that he was “neither hot nor cold” from the sanctions imposed on him by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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