Vaenga shed a tear, and Kornelyuk struggled with the choice in the new issue of “Voice 60+”

Global Look Press |  Anatoly Lomokhov
Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov

The next release of the musical show “Voice 60+”, aired on Channel One on September 25, was full of events. The blind auditions round ended this week, with each coach having a team of five.

The jury of the project included Valery Syutkin, Alexander Malinin, Igor Kornelyuk and Elena Vaenga. At the same time, the latter burst into tears right during the filming, as one of the participants touched her to the core.

Viktor Zorin performed Oleg Gazmanov’s hit “Officers”, which brought the singer to tears. Vaenga, deeply moved, admitted that for the first time she heard the composition performed by another person.

“For the first time I shed a tear. I’m just so used to listening to her performed by Gazmanov. I now listened to every letter and I was numb from the song itself, ”said the artist.

As a result, Viktor Zorin got into the team of Igor Kornelyuk, but the composer doubted his decision for a long time. The musician did not want to let go of any of the participants in the project, saying that he always falls into a stupor when it is necessary to make a choice.

Recall that during the knockout stage, Elena Vaenga harshly criticized team member Alexander Malinin. Mikhail Ryzhov performed the romance “Enchanted, bewitched”, but the singer did not feel love for the song from the contestant.


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