US will shoulder the ruble

The Russian economist predicted the growth of the ruble and the domestic economy due to the mistakes of Western financiers. With ultra-low rates of central banks, they are ready to bring down the dollar, euro, pound sterling, and thereby, substitute the ruble for the shoulder.

Earlier, experts at Standard Chartered Bank predicted a sharp drop in the dollar if the US Federal Reserve lowers its key rate to negative values.
Russian economist Vasily Koltashov believes that this is an attempt to ensure the maintenance of bubbles in the stock market and to stimulate inefficient activities so that debtor banks do not go bankrupt.

“This is a completely abnormal phenomenon. A negative rate is a sure sign of a sick economy, ”Koltashov said in an interview with Free Press.

According to him, the growth of the dollar mass has already begun to influence the processes in the global economy. An inflationary rise in oil prices has begun. Russia is beneficial. And the dollar is in a deadlock.

In 2020, due to fear of devaluation, the Fed and the Bank of England did not begin to pour money into the financial system. As a result, the stock market crashed, followed by a crisis in the real economy, which led to mass layoffs. Western financiers had to pour in trillions of money. So, on the balance sheet of the Fed are securities worth more than $ 7 trillion.

“American public debt is growing rapidly, and, apparently, will reach 25 to 30 trillion by the end of this year. All this is borrowing and emission in large volume, ”Koltashov said.

He noted that in such a situation, good opportunities open up for the ruble and the Russian oil sector:

“Apparently, our currency will go up. If the Americans don’t stop this process (which I doubt very much), the inflationary wave will raise oil prices – a repetition of the 1973 situation. ”

According to Koltashov, if the domestic economy is stable, and the rate starts to grow, then the Russian Federation will be interested in foreign investors, including British and American. They will be interested in creating new enterprises in Russia.

“This could lead to a restart of the Russian economy and its growth. It will just be necessary not to make mistakes, ”the expert summed up.

Previously, Rambler reported that the ruble soared. The dollar costs 68.65 rubles, and the euro – 78.01 rubles.

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source: rambler

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