US urges OpenAI and Twitter to label AI content


Tech companies should label content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and stop the spread of misinformation. Such a call is contained in a letter from Colorado Senator Michael Bennett.

The June 29 appeal is directed to executives at OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, Alphabet, and other major industry players.

“Americans need to be aware when images or videos are the product of generative AI models, and it is the responsibility of platforms and developers to properly label such content,” the senator said.

In his opinion, fake images threaten “destructive consequences for the economy and trust, especially when they are politically oriented.”

“Continuing to produce and distribute AI-generated content without clear, easily understood identifiers represents an unacceptable risk to public discourse and election integrity,” Bennett said.

He asked technology executives to provide answers by July 31 regarding standards in defining AI-generated content and their implementation, as well as the consequences of violations of the rules.

The initiative has received mixed reactions. One Twitter user called it “another attack on freedom of speech by the Democratic Party.”

“Is anyone even surprised at this moment? They do not respect the Constitution and see it as an obsolete obstacle to the realization of their socialist utopia. Bennet, you are a disgrace to Colorado and America, ”the commentator wrote.

Earlier, researchers from OpenAI warned of the growing threat of using language models to spread disinformation.

Recall that in May, the head of the company, Sam Altman, addressed the US Congress and called on the government to regulate the use and development of artificial intelligence.

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