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US urges oil and gas producers to increase production


Experts predict a decline in US gasoline prices in the third quarter from a record $5 to $4.27 per gallon, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said. Washington is urging oil and gas producers around the world, including OPEC, to increase production to bring down record high fuel prices, Granholm said. Next week, the minister plans to discuss with the heads of American oil and gas companies the problem of a shortage of refining capacity. “He (US President Joe Biden. — Kommersant) asked all suppliers around the world to increase production. This includes OPEC, this includes our domestic oil and gas producers,” said Jennifer Granholm in an interview with CNN (quoted by RIA Novosti). Speaking of a possible decrease in gasoline prices, Ms. Granholm noted that the calculations could be refuted by unexpected events in the world. “For example, if the European Union decides that it also completely bans Russian oil, this will create upward pressure on prices. If China opens earlier… .


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