US presidential candidate invested up to $250,000 in bitcoin


At the end of June, the reserves of the first cryptocurrency, owned by the nephew of the 35th US president and participant in the current election race, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., ranged from $100,001 to $250,000. This is evidenced by a financial report discovered by CNBC.

According to the documents, the investment brought the policy less than $201. It is not specified who exactly acquired the digital asset, but Kennedy representatives confirmed that the funds belong to him personally.

Data: CNBC.

Information about the presidential candidate’s crypto investments appeared after he announced in May that he would start accepting donations in bitcoin. During the Bitcoin 2023 conference, Kennedy called digital assets “a symbol of democracy and freedom”, while denying his investments in cryptocurrency.

“I am not an investor, and I am not here to give investment advice,” said the participant in the election race.

In April, Kennedy called bitcoin an alternative to the traditional financial system. In addition, he criticized US regulators for the “war on cryptocurrencies” that led to a banking crisis in the country.

As president, the politician promised to make decisions that “support bitcoin and freedom of transactions, allowing people to manage their wallets, nodes and passwords.” According to him, the country will create a simple regulatory environment, providing only “strict control to prevent money laundering.”

Recall that in June, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong called the upcoming US elections a key moment for crypto regulation.

Earlier, support for Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. was expressed by the head of Block Jack Dorsey.

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