US presidential candidate called Bitcoin the “currency of freedom”


A participant in the current US election race, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, announced his intention to protect the first cryptocurrency if elected president.

The policymaker intends to support the US dollar with the help of cryptocurrencies and other hard assets to provide an alternative to fiat.

“Freedom of transaction is as important as freedom of speech,” Kennedy said.

The presidential candidate expressed skepticism towards CBDC. According to him, national digital currencies can become tools for governments to control the financial transactions of individuals. He has previously criticized CBDC on several occasions.

Kennedy promised on the first day of his presidency to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and ex-employee NSA And CIA USA Edward Snowden. He also intends to take a closer look at the case of the creator of the darknet market Silk Road Ross Ulbricht, who served in prison the first decade of two life sentences to which he was sentenced in 2015.

In June, the politician promised to defend the right of citizens to freely own and use the first cryptocurrency. Kennedy said he purchased 14 BTC for his children as an investment in May. His candidacy was supported by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Earlier, Kennedy called Bitcoin an alternative to the traditional financial system and criticized American regulators for the “war on cryptocurrencies,” which led to a banking crisis in the country.

Let us recall that in June, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong called the upcoming elections in the United States a key moment for the regulation of digital assets.

According to a report by Grayscale, the push for cryptocurrencies by US presidential candidates is driven by the prediction that Gen Z and millennials will make up a significant portion of voters – about 44%. Young people trust traditional institutions less and are more committed to new technologies.

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