Update faster and respond to requests: the YaRUS social network team spoke about EaaS

press service of Yarus
press service of Yarus

The new update package will make the YaRUS application even more convenient to use. Specialists from the Russian social network team, using an unusual comparison, told which solution helped to respond faster and better to user requests and update the application faster.

Imagine that in your garden there are about 5,000 beds dug up by different people during the entire existence of the garden, exclusively by hand, without a shovel. The seeds of carrots, radishes and tomatoes are planted in discord, some of the plantings have not been watered for a long time, the wrong fertilizers are used and the vegetables are dying. Complete chaos!

Any product, from potatoes to software, never appears on its own. He is actively assisted by certain processes, thanks to which the product grows and develops. Using the example of planting vegetables in the garden, Valentin Isakov, head of the infrastructure department of the YARUS social network, spoke about such a process as EaaS, or in Russian translation – “Environment as a Service”.

There are many vegetables and they are all different. They require different types of soil, mechanisms for its cultivation, different fertilizers and the like. Likewise, YARUS products require their own configurations. Behind the messenger, news and event aggregators, music services and mini-applications, there is a “garden” or environment. Each of them consists of infrastructure, internal and external services.

How to RUS dealt with itI?

Social network specialists came up with EaaS. This is a separate system, designed by the engineers of the YaRUS team, which “generates” configurations of entire environments on the fly.

We describe, using a programming language, the desired state of our environments. By pressing the “magic button”, only the necessary and isolated part is configured for both a separate infrastructure component and a whole set of environments with a monitoring system that informs us about problems and failures”, says Valentin Isakov, head of the infrastructure department of the YARUS social network.

Compared to a garden, it’s like having a “magic mechanism” where you describe the configuration of your garden or gardens with parameters such as:

  • desired GPS coordinates of the best soil for planting all the different seeds you have;
  • the amount and types of fertilizer required to improve crops and conserve soil;
  • the desired location of the beds;
  • the types of food you wish to grow (carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.);
  • the dimensions of the seat for each product in the garden;
  • automatic irrigation system included for watering the beds as needed;
  • the monitoring system suggests the presence of malicious insects that impede the operation of the entire infrastructure.
press service of Yarus
press service of Yarus

Recall that at the end of last year, the developers of the YaRUS application introduced a new main feed, an extended post editor, and a mini-application service.


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