Uniswap integrates Base L2 network from Coinbase


The largest Ethereum exchange, Uniswap, has integrated a second-tier solution, Base, backed by the leading American cryptocurrency company Coinbase.

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According to CoinGeckoTerminal, the daily trading volume of the third version of the non-custodial exchange based on the new network amounted to $4.5 million. TVL.

Base is built on top of Optimism’s OP Stack software stack. It operates as an Ethereum rollup network and aims to reduce transaction fees for members of the Coinbase and DeFi ecosystem.

On July 13, the project opened access to the mainnet for developers dapps. A number of services have become available, including:

  • node providers including Blockdaemon, QuickNode and Blast;
  • “smart wallet” infrastructure from Safe;
  • blockchain explorers Basescan and Blockscout;
  • data indexers The Graph, Goldsky and Covalent;
  • developer tools from Thirdweb.

Recall that the full-scale launch of the Base main network will take place on August 9.

Previously, the new blockchain was flooded with a wave of meme tokens using the LeetSwap decentralized exchange. Soon, The Bald token team removed most of the liquidity from the DEX, which brought down the price of the asset.

The LeetSwap team then suspended trading due to a possible exploit.

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