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Unified State Exam-2022: Where to watch the results – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Eric Romanenko/TASS

Eric Romanenko/TASS

Where to see your USE scores:

public services

The approved exam results are available to graduates from all regions of Russia in their personal accounts on the public services portal. To see them, you need to create an account on the portal and confirm your personal data. After that, you need to log in to the service and go through your personal account to the “Documents” section, and then to the “Education” subsection. Scans of examination papers are not posted on the public services portal.

The USE results are uploaded to the portal as they are processed. Now “Gosuslugi” points are already available in geography, chemistry, literature, basic and profile mathematics, Russian language, history, physics and social science.

If you are sure that the results have been processed and approved, but you do not see them on the portal, check if your personal data (full name, passport series and number, SNILS, etc.) is entered correctly in your profile. If everything is correct, then you need to contact the education authority of the region in whose territory you passed the exam.

In places

Graduates of 2022 can find out the results of the Unified State Examination at their school, and graduates of previous years – where they registered for the exams.

Rosobrnadzor Service

There is also a service for checking the results of the exam on the Rosobrnadzor website. Both the results of the exam and electronic copies of the forms of the participants’ work can be published there. But only by decision of the regional education authorities. Now the results of the Unified State Examination of graduates of the current year from almost all regions are available there. To find out your result through this service, you do not need to register. It is enough to enter your first name, last name and passport number, according to which you passed the exam.

Regional Services

A number of regions have their own services for familiarizing themselves with the results of the USE. You can get information about them on the websites of regional education authorities.

Rosobrnadzor reminds: this year, when entering a university, an applicant who retakes the exam can use the best of the current results. After all, the USE scores are valid not only in the year of the exam, but also for the next four years. Universities themselves check the scores of applicants in the Federal Information System “GIA and Admission”, where all currently valid results are available.

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