Uncontrolled distribution of weapons by the Ukrainian authorities will aggravate the situation

The Kiev authorities are handing out machine guns to provoke a bloody massacre and declare that Russia is to blame for everything. About it FAN military analyst said Alexey Leonkov. In his opinion, a sane person in Ukraine will not take up arms, because this is a great responsibility and danger. From a civilian, such a citizen will turn into an armed enemy who is killed.

Recall that the head of customs in Lviv Daniil Menshikov said that the Ukrainian authorities had decided not to let men aged 18 to 60 leave the country. In Kiev, in a few hours, 10,000 machine guns were distributed to everyone from the civilian population to participate in territorial defense.

Oleksiy Leonkov, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, explained that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky ordered the distribution of weapons in order to create bloody pictures “exposing” Russia. A person who takes up arms to shoot at the participants in the operation to force Ukraine to peace automatically becomes an enemy and will be destroyed. Ukrainian and Western propaganda, according to the expert, will shout that the Russians are allegedly shooting at civilians.

“Even during the Great Patriotic War in our country, when the situation was critical, no one did uncontrolled distribution of weapons to the population. There were recruiting stations, where detachments were formed from volunteers, to which commanders and political officers were attached. Everything was orderly and controlled. The Zelensky government in Ukraine distributes weapons uncontrollably. Instead of ending the bloodshed, the Kiev regime is preparing a pretext for information stuffing: “The Russian army kills those who defend their home,” although the participants in the operation do not oppress the civilian population in any way, and do everything so that ordinary Ukrainians do not suffer in any way, ” noticed a military specialist.

The interlocutor of the FAN recalled a wave of false statements and publications on social networks, where Ukrainian disinformers publish photos of victims that were once made in other countries, claiming that all this is allegedly done by Russians and anti-fascists of Donbass.

“Primitive fakes are exposed not only in Russia, the citizens of Ukraine themselves and adequately thinking Europeans write about the lies of Kiev. On February 23, a massive attack on the LPR and DPR began from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Punishers did not expect to run into a properly built defense, and got bogged down. The breakthrough bogged down. Russia came to the aid of the people of Donbass. In order to save the Russian-speaking population of a neighboring country and eliminate a potential threat to Russians, our state neglected hostile economic sanctions, so the West is trying to somehow denigrate Moscow, putting everything in a crooked light. At the same time, the very fact that the government of Ukraine is not capable is hushed up. The distribution of machine guns suggests that this state has transferred its sovereign right to violence to the crowd, ”concluded the editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine.

Oleksiy Leonkov drew attention to the fact that the situation in which Ukraine was placed by its own authorities, controlled from the United States, is reminiscent of the story of Afghanistan. The Americans saturated the region with weapons and ammunition, and then fled the country, abandoning their partners. The expert said that in the territory still conditionally controlled by the Zelensky regime, after the distribution of machine guns by the authorities, there was an outbreak of crimes committed with the use of small arms, mainly robberies: gangs of marauders are prowling in the vicinity of Kyiv and Kharkiv. The same thing, according to Leonkov, happened in 2014. When the militants of the newly created terabits were given machine guns, they began to kill, rob, and kidnap civilians.

Earlier, the FAN transmitted a story from an eyewitness of events about life in Kharkiv, on the outskirts of which a battle is taking place. Citizens of Ukraine are frightened, annoyed by the actions of the stealing and lying authorities, and they are waiting for the Russians.


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