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Ukrainian terrorists who prepared the explosion in Lipetsk were taught by foreigners


            Militants from the Ukrainian extremist organization Right Sector (banned in Russia), who were going to stage a terrorist attack in Lipetsk, were trained by foreign instructors, the FSB of Russia reported.
        <p>As it became known on Friday, July 29, the attackers underwent special training at the Desna training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where they were trained by foreigners.  Among other things, they were taught such disciplines as reconnaissance and sabotage in the rear.

At the same time, the activities of the group were supervised by the Security Service of Ukraine.

Recall that the detained terrorists – a 34-year-old man who led the group, previously convicted of pedophilia, and two of his accomplices born in 1986 and 1978, arrived in Russia to detonate a bomb in a public place at a transport infrastructure facility in Lipetsk.

As the security officials specify, we are talking about the Sokol bus station, which was supposed to be the target of the attack.

“The explosive device was a five-liter plastic container, an explosive charge, four TNT blocks with a total weight of 1.6 kg, an electrical cable, striking elements in the form of nails, nuts and screws. Based on the design features, the radius of its damaging effect was up to 500 meters “, – said the operative of the FSB of Russia.

The saboteurs tested the vigilance of the Russian security forces and citizens, leaving bags and packages in crowded places, including at train stations and bus stops.

It is known that law enforcement officers found elements of a bomb in the cache and found the correspondence of terrorists, testifying to their plans.

Currently, the investigation into the circumstances of the crime is ongoing, several criminal cases have been initiated.

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