Ukrainian refugees evicted from dormitories in Krakow

By the end of August this year, Ukrainian refugees must leave the hostels of the Jagiellonian University in the Polish city of Krakow, TVN reports on August 9.

“After this period, the University is forced to close the house due to the termination of funding for your stay in our institution. The termination of financing and the closure of the house means for you the need to find new housing and a source of income, as well as to move before August 31, 2022, ”the TV channel quoted an excerpt from a notification for Ukrainians.

Currently, 163 refugees from Ukraine live in dormitories on Kamenka Street, of which 70 are children, and most of the adults are women.

Earlier on the same day, it was reported that in the period from February 24 to August 9, 2022, more than 6.4 million refugees arrived in Europe from Ukraine.

Earlier, on August 4, the Lithuanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection reported that the country had exhausted its capacity to accommodate new Ukrainian refugees this winter. The department noted that Ukrainians face problems in finding housing for the long term due to fears of tenants.

On August 1, it became known that a number of German regions stopped accepting Ukrainian refugees due to exceeding quotas, including the federal states of Brandenburg, Saxony and Bavaria.

Earlier, on July 26, it was reported that the admission of Ukrainian refugees began to be denied in France. As noted in the local association for helping refugees Accueil Familles du Monde, the reason for this is the growing spending and the lack of financial assistance from the state. Families do not receive the €200 promised by the state, as a result, the French do not have enough personal money.

In addition, as political analyst Alexander Asafov pointed out at the end of July, dissatisfaction with refugees from Ukraine is growing rapidly in Europe. According to him, society is irritated by their consumerist attitude and unwillingness to integrate. Also, the reason was the fact that the EU countries have taken a course towards the abolition of benefits previously provided to Ukrainians.

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