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Ukrainian intelligence exposed itself to ridicule

By promising $2 million to a Russian pilot for hijacking a combat aircraft, Ukrainian intelligence made a mockery of itself. This opinion was expressed by retired FSB General Alexander Mikhailov.

“To turn out to be such a laughingstock – well, you had to be able to, but Ukrainian military intelligence officers did it,” Mikhailov told RIA Novosti. “We are dealing with inadequate people, whom even foreign instructors cannot teach something serious.”

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian side offered the Russian pilot to commit treason. The operation was supervised by the special services of the NATO countries. The pilot they were trying to recruit helped the FSB thwart the operation. At the same time, Russian intelligence managed to obtain data, thanks to which the RF Armed Forces destroyed a number of Ukrainian military facilities.

The pilot himself, whom they tried to recruit, admitted that at first he took the offer as a joke, but then he realized that he was dealing with intelligence officers. According to him, Ukrainian agents expected that he would show “his negative attitude towards the policy of the country’s leadership to conduct a special operation” and be able to “motivate the flight crew to betray the Motherland.

The pilot noted that Ukrainian intelligence offered him passports from European countries and “promised a comfortable life abroad.”

“But we are all well aware that this is impossible,” he said. A video recording of the interview with the pilot is available on the Smotrim media platform.

As a result, Russian counterintelligence seized the funds promised to the pilot. We are talking about 4 thousand dollars. They will be directed to the restoration of Donetsk and Luhansk, the TV channel “Russia 24” reports.


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