Home Business Ukraine imported about 600 thousand tons of oil products in June

Ukraine imported about 600 thousand tons of oil products in June

Ukraine imported about 600 thousand tons of oil products in June

Ukraine imported about 600 thousand tons of oil products in June


Ukraine imported about 600,000 tons of oil products in June, which is 50% more than in May.

Andriy Gerus, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy Issues, announced this at a briefing at the Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center.

“In June, about 600,000 tons of oil products entered the Ukrainian market: 400,000 tons are diesel, 200,000 tons are gasoline and liquefied gas. All these receipts come from the European direction,” Gerus said.

He noted that in June the supply of fuel to the market increased by 50% compared to May. According to the deputy, the situation at the gas station is stabilizing. In particular, almost all gas stations in the west of the country have fuel and there are practically no queues.

Gerus hopes for the stabilization of the market throughout the government-controlled territory of Ukraine in July and for the removal of those restrictions on the sale of fuel that still remain at part of the gas station.

“Nevertheless, we urge to consume oil products responsibly and use the car when it is really needed,” the deputy said.

He stressed that Russia’s plan to create a large-scale fuel crisis in Ukraine has not been implemented and will not be implemented. In addition, Ukraine has managed to significantly diversify supplies: now more than a third of the fuel demand comes from no country.

At the same time, Gerus called fuel supplies from Europe the second step in the integration of the energy markets of Ukraine and Europe. The first step, he said, is the resumption of electricity exports to the EU.

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As reported, one of the consequences of Russian aggression was the fuel crisis in Ukraine. Before the war, the country met a significant part of the demand for gasoline and diesel fuel through supplies from Russia and Belarus. In 2021, 62% of diesel fuel and 50% of gasoline came from Russia and Belarus. Another 10% was imported from Lithuania and by sea. Now these routes are lost.

In addition, as a result of Russian attacks, more than 20 oil depots and the largest oil refinery in Ukraine, the Kremenchug Oil Refinery, were destroyed or damaged.

To resolve the fuel crisis, the government of Ukraine abolished state regulation of fuel prices and took a number of measures to increase supplies through the western borders.

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