Ukraine has taken a significant step by adding Alibaba Group to its roster of entities deemed

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) in Ukraine has recently taken a significant step by designating the Alibaba Group Holding Limited, a conglomerate rooted in China and the parent company of the renowned AliExpress online commerce platform, as an entity on the “international supporters of conflict” roster. This move has been prompted by the group’s ongoing engagement with the Russian Federation.

According to an official announcement on the agency’s website, the NAPC has taken the decision to include the esteemed Chinese conglomerate, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, within the category of global actors contributing to conflicts. This determination has arisen primarily due to the fact that the company has continued its operational presence within Russia.

Among the intricate web of affiliations, Alibaba.COM (RU) LLC stands as a notable entity, under the umbrella of Aliexpress Russia Holding Private Ltd, a registered company based in Singapore. As of the latest available data in 2023, the company remains actively engaged in trade operations within the Russian territory, facilitating a cross-border marketplace for the sale of imported goods. The culmination of these endeavors has translated into a substantial financial outcome, with the recorded profit for the previous fiscal year amounting to an impressive 16.3 billion rubles.

In an effort to provide clarity, the NAPC has outlined the overarching purpose behind the compilation of the “international supporters of conflict” list. This strategic tool is wielded with the ultimate aim of motivating and facilitating the disengagement of international business entities from their involvement in Russia, thereby contributing to the broader objective of conflict resolution and regional stability. This decisive move by the NAPC underscores the interconnectedness of commerce and geopolitics, emphasizing the role that business conduct can play in shaping and influencing international dynamics.

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